Magalong spearheads series of medical, dental missions in Baguio barangays

“We care.”
This is the simple answer retired Philippine National Police Director Benjamin Magalong said after starting a series of medical missions and feeding programs for the different barangays in Baguio last week and will run until January 16 next year.
The medical missions – which are being held in coordination with Medikalinga, a group of doctors and dentists based in Metro Manila and Pampanga – include free medical checkups, free dental services with the provision of free dentures, free medicines, free eyeglasses, free massages and free haircuts.
The series of missions started last November 19 in Lower Rock Quarry to serve the needs of District 5 (City Camp Central, City Camp Proper, Lower Quirino – Magsaysay Subdivision, Lower Rock Quarry, Middle Rock Quarry, Palma – Urbano, Upper Quirino – Magsaysay Subdivision and Upper Rock Quarry), followed last November 20 in Bayan Park  for District 19 (Aurora Hill Proper, Brookside, Brookspoint, East Modernsite, Lopez Jaena and West Modernsite) and in Bayan Park for District 9 (Ambiong, Bayan Park, East Bayan Park, North Central Aurora Hill, San Antonio Village, South Central Aurora Hill and West Bayan Park), and last November 21 at Lower Quirino Hill for District 8 (Camdas, Dizon Subdivision, East Quirino Hill, Happy Homes – Old Lucban, Lower Quirino Hill, Middle Quirino Hill, Pinget and West Quirino Hill).
To follow will be missions on November 26 at Phil-Am Compound to cover District 4 (Balsigan, Baguio General Hospital Compound, Burnham – Legarda, Ferdinand, Imelda Marcos and Santo Rosario Valley), November 27 will be at a still to be decided barangay in District 1 (Gibraltar, Mines View, Pacdal, Pucsusan and Saint Joseph Village), November 28 will be held in Lualhati to cover District 11(Country Club Village, Happy Hallow, Lucnab, Outlook Drive and South Drive); December 3 will be at District 15 (Asin Road, Dominican – Mirador, Lourdes Extension, Lourdes Proper, Lower Lourdes Subdivision, San Luis Village and San Roque Village), December 4 will be at District 17 (Alfonso Tabora, Magsaysay Private Road, New Lucban, North Sanitary Camp, South Sanitary Camp and Trancoville), December 5 will be at District 2 (Cabinet Hill – Teachers Camp, DPS Compound, Engineers Hill, Greenwater Village and Marcoville), December 10 will be at District 6 (Andres Bonifacio, Camp Allen, Campo Filipino, Fairview, Kayang Extension, MRR – Queen of Peace and Upper Market Subdivision), December 11 will be at District 3 (Gabriela Silang, Hillside, Lower Dagsian, Scout Barrio, Santa Escolastica and Upper Dagsian); December 12 will be at District 18 (ABCR, AZCKO, Kabayanihan, Kagitingan, Kayang Hilltop, Rizal Monument, Teodora Alonzo and Upper Magsaysay); December 17 will be at District 20 (Holyghost Extension, Holyghost Proper, Honeymoon – Holyghost , Imelda Village and Manuel Roxas), December 18 will be at District 12 (Atok Trail, Fort del Pilar, Kias, Loakan Apugan, Loakan Liwanag and Loakan Proper), December 19 will be at District 13 (Camp 7, Camp 8, Military Cut-off, Puliwes and San Vicente); January 7 will be at District 14 (Bakakeng Central, Bakakeng Norte/Sur, Dontogan, SLU-SVP, Santo Tomas Proper and Santo Tomas School Area), January 8 will be at District 7 (Guisad Central, Cresencia Village, Guisad Surong, Lower Magsaysay, Padre Burgos, Padre Zamora, Pinsao Pilot Project and Santo Niño Compound); January 9 will be at District 10 (Harrison – Carantes, Lower General Luna, Malcolm Square, Salud Mitra, Session – Governor Pack, Upper General Luna),  January 14 and 15 will be held at Irisan, while January 16 will be for the rest of the barangays comprising District 16 (Middle Quezon Hill, Pinsao Proper, Quezon Hill Proper, Upper Quezon Hill and Victoria Village). ERNIE N. OLSON JR. / ABN

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