Landbank ATM to be installed in Sablan municipal ground

SABLAN, Benguet

To ensure that government services reach barangays especially to remote communities, the Municipal Government of this 5th class town has required its various departments to bring
government services and also enhanced support program to communities. In an interview on Monday (May 22), Mayor Alfredo Dacumos Jr. said community support program forms part of his administration’s priority programs.

He added the program together with other government agencies aims to serve the needs of his constituents and address issues of each community. “It is important that our constituents can feel
government service(s), and we are ready to serve and assist them ,” said Mayor Dacumos. “Working at the community level promotes healthy living, gives access to preventive health care services.” By doing so, Dacumos instructed its Municipal Health Office (MHO) to expand its health services and outreach programs to the communities (eight barangays), also conduct a regular monthly monitor on health situations and immediately address health problems.

Moreover, Dacumos ordered the head of MHO to be go out together with the municipal health team to enhance healthcare services and bring a sense of wellness in the communities. Previous practices, only a public nurse/ midwife are assigned to the different barangays— conducting
preventive, primary care services and health education. To strengthened its social services, Dacumos also directed its social and welfare department to go out to the barangays and farther to
geographically isolated villages – especially to service social pensions.

Furthermore, he enjoined its treasury department to widen its services by assigning personnel in the different barangays– tax awareness campaign, collection of local taxes in the communities,
thereby increase revenue collection. Sablan is a 5th class municipality (among the 13 municipalities of the Province of Benguet) and solely dependent on Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA). Based on 2020 census, its population is almost 12 thousand. For Fiscal Year 2023, the town has total budget of P107-Million, and 90 percent comes from IRA.

Meanwhile, to serve better the public , the mayor has confirmed an automated teller machine (ATM) of LandBank (LB) will be installed at the municipal grounds. Dacumos revealed that
“final processes” are being worked out by its treasury department and bank officials. Once it is set up it will hasten online payments. Meanwhile, construction of the multi-million new municipal building to house various local government offices is in its final phase. The construction began at
the start of Mayor Dacumos administration. Funds were sourced from Representative Eric Yap of the Lone District of Benguet to a tune of P40 million.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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