Monster in Comfort

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In 2018, the word “Monster” has shaken people’s attraction in the food carts industry of Region 2 when “MONSTER MANGO” of JAC Food Enterprises was introduced to the public.

After the successive opening of its carts in the malls, supermarkets and to the different strategic points in public markets around Cagayan Valley and to the nearby regions, the word “monster” became a refreshing word.

It created a different dimension of perceptions towards the word “monster” as it turned out to be a positive description-not feared, but queued for refreshment, instead.

MONSTER MANGO proprietor Jonalyn D. Lizardo, 36 years old of Peñablanca, Cagayan, has a story to tell that is in relation to her childhood and to why she engaged herself in creating a masterpiece in food, until she came to perfection.

“There are plenty of Indian Mango trees in the backyard of my grandparents’ house. As a kid and cannot climb a tree, I’d pick the fallen Mango fruits from the ground for my snack. The sweet smell of a ripe Mango is a delicious treat to someone like me who grew up with limited resources. It was my favorite fruit of all time, my comfort food in summer,” Jonalyn said.

The unique taste of Mango lingered in Jonalyn’s life differently. How it filled her stomach when she was a kid inspired her a lot.

That’s the reason why she brought the taste to her food carts when her food business grew, now the talk of the town cold food, the MONSTER MANGO.

To describe, “Monster Mango” overload is a soft flavored ice cream, topped with real cubed Mangoes. In contrast to the sweet yellow color of the fruit are black tapioca pearls to chew a little.

Adding to a more satisfying flavor are sprinkles of considerable quantity of crushed grahams and a light taste of swirled cream-tempting sweetness.

On the other hand, 42-year old Arnel Tumolva, a resident of the City of Ilagan, Isabela is not just an individual in the bandwagon who queues to have a taste in the food trend brought about by the “monster”.

He exerts efforts to the mighty crowd just to have a cup of Monster Mango because it also has something to do with his childhood memory.

“The moment I tasted Monster Mango, it’s as if I was reconnected to a certain time of my life-it brought back a memory from my childhood,” he said.

Accordingly, a Mango flavored ice cream is his favorite and was his comfort food when he was a kid. But as he grew older in the turn of tide, he forgot the flavor he grew up with until Monster Mango brought it back to his life.

“Monster’s soft ice cream exactly tastes like my favorite ice cream flavor back when I was a kid. That’s why I can’t resist Monster even if there’s a long queue in the store. I always patiently wait for my turn to get an overload because it refreshes my mind. As a lay-out artist, my work is often exhausting. Monster Mango is my cool escape,” Arnel said.

Learning from Jonalyn and Arnel, their confessions revealed the irony of their stories meeting at one point-COMFORT.

Their stories are reflections of how God’s wonderful gifts of nature to mankind serve its purpose. All that it takes is an appreciation.

When it is treasured and utilized well, it provides wealth not just financially but physically and emotionally as well. When one’s craving meets satisfaction, the intake becomes special, if not memorable.

Wanting a diversion from a stressful situation or craving for cold food? Have a cup of Monster Mango. When you experience the chilling comfort it brings, you might as well provoke your senses to come to a memory you treasured most.

Monster Mango is located at Level 1, Baguio Center Mall, Magsaysay Avenue.