ARD Stephanie F. Christiansen (standing) highlights the RDP 2023-2028 strategic framework and the RDC 2022-2025 development directions to PSRs at the RDC Hall, Baguio City.



NEDA-CAR Assistant Regional Dir. (ARD) Stephanie F. Christiansen provided the Cordillera development context and direction in the next six years to the Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) of the Regional Development Council (RDC) in a blended meeting on January 14, 2023.
The briefing highlighted the development vision of an autonomous region since the Cordillera was established as an administrative region in 1987.

Said vision, which remains relevant to this day, was adopted in 2002 during the term of the first RDC Chairperson, the late Gov. Rocky M. Molintas. In 2006, the RDC under the leadership of then
Governor Maximo B. Dalog, Sr., adopted regional autonomy as the anchor of all its development
efforts. ARD Christiansen linked the vision to the Cordillera Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2023 to 2028, sharing that the RDP will guide the region in achieving autonomous governance and sustainable development for all Cordillerans.

She added that the regional plan is aligned with the recently adopted Philippine Development Plan that embraces the long term aspiration of every Filipino toward a matatag, maginhawa at panatag na buhay by 2040. Moreover, she shared the development direction that the Council will undertake during the current term as manifested by RDC Chair, Apayao Gov. Elias C. Bulut, Jr. This includes
the development of renewable energy, protection of the environment and watershed resources, among others.

The meeting yielded the PSR development agenda for the current term and 2023 work and financial plan. Said meeting was initiated by Director Susan A. Sumbeling to assist the PSRs in
preparation for the RDC Performance Review and Planning Conference on January 26. Operational
concerns such as the support of the NEDA to the PSRs were clarified. The NEDA serves as the technical arm of the Council with its Regional Director as the Council’s ex-officio Vice-Chair.

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