A total of 88 participants from 37 agencies, 4 SUCs, 3 HEIs, 7 province and city LGUs and RDC private sector representatives participated in the RDIP PPA Identification Workshop last January 17-18, 2023. NEDA RD Sumbeling (left) and NEDA ARD Christiansen (center) both encourage alignment of programs, projects and activities to regional and national development priorities.


Regional stakeholders from the local government units, higher education institutions, state universities and colleges, regional line agencies, government owned and controlled corporations and private sector attended the two day regional workshop intended to identify development programs, projects and activities (PPAs) for the Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) 2023-2028 and sectoral project prioritization criteria last January 17-18, 2023.

NEDA-CAR RD Susan A. Sumbeling emphasized that the intent is to identify and prioritize the right projects for implementation to meet regional development needs. “We shall ensure the efficient use of our fiscal resources with the implementation of projects aligned with our national and regional development goals” she stated. The RDC-CAR sectoral groups on economic development, social development, infrastructure development, environment, and indigenous people’s concerns identified initial PPAs for the RDIP 2023-2028.

These will be prioritized using a set of criteria that the group members recommended. NEDA-CAR ARD Stephanie F. Christiansen appreciated the participation of the different sectors and actors of the region from public and private institutions as it manifests inclusivity and a whole- of -govern- ment approach and whole of society approach to make the RDIP comprehensive and one that is
owned by all. She challenged government actors to ensure project readiness and advocate the PPAs for funding. She closed the program saying, “We will continue to push for more development resources in the context of regional equity across the nation… I hope this is just the start of a renewed commitment to regional development and autonomy.”

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