New Beginning

Everything that we do has a beginning and an end so continue to strive for the best things in life each day. God loves us from the beginning of our lives and He created the wonderful things around us. We should always take care of the things that God gave us from the beginning despite the challenges that we meet. Always use our time wisely because if time is wasted it will never come back and be re-using again. Each day is very precious and knowledge missed in our life cannot be replenished on the exact time when it was gone.

At an early age, the little children were taught to know Christ our Savior and live a righteous life where they have to respect God, parents, teachers and other people in the community. The year 2019 is about to end so we should examine ourselves and find out if we had failures or frustrations in our studies or daily activities.

As the year 2020 begins we must face every challenge in life positively and be able to overcome the factors that limit us. Study harder and always be thankful to our parents, teachers and to the Almighty Father. God created us to outlast the events in our life because according to Proverbs 24:10, if we falter in times of trouble our strength is too small. Remember that the happiest time in our life is when we reach our chosen careers and help our parents in return for their hardships and love for us.

Love God above all things and start the year right. Overcome the spirit of laziness especially in our studies and change for the betterment of oneself to reach our goals. All new beginnings belong to the Lord and God will always reward our work if we strive hard and overcome challenges.


Bella Riz Diaz Valencia-Oredina

Amianan Balita Ngayon