Vergara son chosen Baguio Apaches ‘Chief’A city water district director, Engr. Jonathan A. Vergara has taken over the mantle of leadership of the Baguio Apaches, one of the oldest (established in 1939) and largest fraternities in the country’s Summer Capital. The youngest son of former Congressman and ex-Mayor Bernardo M. Vergara, the new Apaches head took over as Chief for service year 2023 in ritual rites marking the turnover, in the presence of hundreds of cheering members.

Jonathan, a licensed electrical engineer, is an incumbent Director of the Baguio Water Director. His civic involvement includes the Rotary Club of Baguio North, being an active Past President. In above photo, he is second from left, flanked by parents Gloria and Bernie, and city officials Mayor Benjie Magalong and Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan. INSET PHOTO: (L-R) Karl Gabaen, Councilor Betty Lulu Tabanda,Ron Perez, Edgar Avila

Photo by Noly Balatero


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