Mineral production in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) is expected to increase with the operation of Celsius Resources’ Philippine subsidiary Makilala Mining Co., Inc. (MMCI). This fifth large scale mining firm to operate in the Cordillera hopes to launch commercial operations its
Maalinao-Caigutan-Biyog (MCB) copper-gold project by 2026. Based on the company’s social media page, the project site,popularly known as Batong Buhay is located within the ancestral domain of the Balatoc Tribe within the boundaries of Pasil-Lubuagan and of Tabuk City, all in Kalinga Province.

An official of the company reportedly claimed that the project have undergone free, prior and informed consent process with the local tribes which to a memorandum of agreement. It is reported that the company has been issued an environmental compliance certificate by the Department of
Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) while its Declaration of Mining Project Feasibility (DMPF) is pending for approval.

Requirements for a mineral production sharing agreement are also being readied by the company as soon as it secured DMPF. The MPSA, if approved, will grant the Company a term not exceeding twenty-five years starting from the extension, and renewable for not more than 25 under such terms and conditions provided by law.

Primo Agatep/ABN

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