The National Union for Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP) – Baguio –Benguet Chapter in a
statement has called on the Baguio City government to uphold the Philippine Constitution. “We call on the City Government of Baguio and the City Tourism Office to abide by the Philippine Constitution and allow freedom of expression to guide their regulation. We demand that Creative Baguio become a haven for art, culture, and heritage tempered by the balance a democratic nation
offers,” the statement read.

The local chapter of the NUJP has sounded the alarm over new rules crafted on the closure of Session Road every Sunday. The new rules on busking, chalk art and arts and crafts include, 1. Artworks must be family-friendly and wholesome. Depiction of overtly erotic, sexual and violent content and graphics is not allowed. 2. Expression of political views and portrayals that negatively
question or express opinions about social and political issues are not allowed.

Graphic or literal suggestions and expressions of subversive acts or movements will not be tolerated. 3. Images promoting corporate brands or institutions, and political affiliations are not allowed, unless such are associated with thematic showcases as permitted. The NUJP said “We
acknowledge the city government’s mandate to regulate activities and conduct during the Sunday closure of Session Road. However, officials should remember that regulation should not trample on
fundamental human rights. We also remind that the same Constitution ensures the right to hold opinions and ideas and share them without the State interfering.”

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