Parents and teachers should be partners in the education of the child

Successful schools are built upon successful relationships. We observed these in all schools whether public or private, in the rural and in urban places. We should take note that developing positive and inspiring relationships of teachers, students, stakeholders and the local community can make a significant difference in the education of our children.
This also implies shared responsibility of parents and teachers in attaining good quality education, wherein partnership is built on mutual respect and trust. Thus, all choices, decisions, actions, and school operations is all done for the child’s welfare, because in a broader sense, the child is the very center of education.
To attain the quality education of their children, the parents and teachers should be partners and should contribute mutual effort to support the attainment of their goals, both parents and teachers must perceive their roles in the development of the child. Parent’s cooperation in solving problems of their child in the classroom and teacher’s attentiveness to these concerns is imperative.
Parents have a long term commitment in teaching their child’s welfare at home, if parents are to provide better learning, then they should be involved in the education of their children. Teachings and learning’s of the child should not stop in school but should be sustained by the parents at home. Teachers and parents play an important role that compliment and reinforce each other in order to provide the child the best education from school, home, and to the community. Corazon C. Amlag, Quirino Hill Elementary School

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