In the bid to intensify its commitment in preserving biodiversity in the province through its
#KalikasanNaman Campaign, the Provincial Government of La Union through the Provincial Government-Environment and Natural Resources Office (PGENRO) strengthened its programs and initiatives on environmental advocacies through a one-day Community Education and Public
Awareness (CEPA) activity in celebration of the International Day for Biodiversity Day (IDBD) held at Lon-oy, San Gabriel, La Union on June 25, 2023.

In partnership with the municipality of San Gabriel and Lon-oy Elementary School, the PG-ENRO successfully conducted the aforementioned activity which aims to raise awareness and educate the
youth on the importance of biodiversity as well as help communities to conserve and protect natural resources. Barangay Lon-oy is the upper stream of the Baroro watershed. It has adequate
water supply that is vital to the socio-economic development and well-being of the Municipalities of Bacnotan, Bauang, San Fernando, San Juan and San Gabriel.

Like most watersheds area, Lon-oy has experience land use changes through the years thus,
community and public awareness is deemed necessary to educate the community on
environmental deterioration and the long-term benefit of natural resources. The conduct of CEPA evolved on the discussion of biodiversity status of La Union and the importance and connection of
forest/trees as habitat for biodiversity. As part of the observance of IDBD, 44 pupils of the said school received gift packs.

The IDBD has been celebrated every 22nd of May since the year 2000 around the world to raise awareness on the values, relevance, and importance of biodiversity to human lives and all life forms. The Provincial Government of La Union led by Gov. Raphaelle Veronica “Rafy” Ortega-David continues to encourage every kaprobinsiaan to embody the spirit of #LaUnionPROBINSYAnihan and to be involved in the #KalikasanNaman campaign in preserving the biodiversity in our province.

Grace Libong and Aubrey G. Medrano, GPC-ENRO

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