To elevate organizational performance, the Provincial Government of La Union conducted its Family Day and Recognition Program on September 30, 2022, in Pugo Adventures, Pugo, La Union. This event served as the culminating activity of the Philippine Civil Service (PCS) Anniversary and a form of celebrating National Family Week.

As part of the month-long celebration, the Office of the Provincial Administrator – Human Resource Management Unit (OPA-HRMU) led the Family Day and Recognition Program. The event materialized
under the direction of Gov. Raphaelle Veronica “Rafy” Ortega-David following the P.U.S.O. Agenda with emphasis on people-centered and driven governance. During the event, the loyalty service awardees and PGLU Olympic winners were acknowledged and the employees were given a chance to build team bonds the whole day.

The acknowledgment served as an incentive to recognize employees of PGLU who continue to serve the
province for at least 10 years and to give rewards to the Olympics winners. The event also aimed to promote a strategy that balances work and life among the employees to individually and collectively
enhance work productivity.

The program is part of the 100 Day Agenda of the new administration contributing to the improvement of the welfare of the employees. This resonates with the call for #LaUnionPOBINSIYAnihan wherein every Kaprobinsiaan unites for the prosperity of the people and the province. The Family Day also included activities and games participated in by the PGLU employees namely Amazing Race, Raffle Promo, Squid
Game, Longest Line, and free Zipline experience. OPAHRMU conducted these events as they strive for more employee interactions to pursue healthy work relationships among the participants.

Dayanella R. Jucutan, PGLU-PIO

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