The Provincial Government of La Union (PGLU) has taken a significant step towards promoting
sustainable resource management by launching the Province of La Union Sand and Gravel Extractives Monitoring System (PLUSGEMS). Through the initiative of Provincial Treasurer’s Office (PTO) and Office of the Provincial Governor – Information and Communication Technology
Unit (OPG-ICTU), the said system was introduced during the PLUSGEMS Orientation last July 4-5, 2023 attended by Commercial Sand and Gravel, and Industrial Sand and Gravel Permit Holders of the Province of La Union.

PLUSGEMS is an advanced computerized system designed to gather data on permit holders, accredited sand and gravel business owners, and government contractors. This data will be utilized to track their allowable volumes, as specified in their Environmental Compliance Certificates and permits. The system will also record their extraction volumes, automatically calculate corresponding taxes, and generate real-time reports. The primary objectives of PLUSGEMS is to solve the problems of colorum or illegal traders of sand and gravel; ensure that the sand and gravel
resources are utilized up to its optimum potential without compromising the environment; and ensure efficient financial resource management by accelerating sustainable revenue generation.

The innovative project was recently recognized at the Public Management Development Program
Development Academy of the Philippines, where it was awarded as the 2nd Best Innovation Project, highlighting its potential and effectiveness. During the orientation, the system’s features were demonstrated to the permit holders, and they participated in hands-on activities to familiarize themselves with the registration process on PLUSGEMS. Additionally, the Provincial Government
Environment and Natural Resources Office representatives were present to address any queries and provide assistance related to the necessary information required for the system.

With the successful implementation of PLUSGEMS, La Union sets a remarkable example in harnessing technology to manage its natural resources more efficiently and sustainably. The Provincial Government, along with stakeholders, remains committed to the call of #LaUnionPROBINSYAnihan in preserving the environment while fostering economic growth in the sand and gravel industry.


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