The PMVIC Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Center is an Automated Vehicle Inspection Facility that will check and Test your Vehicle.
This will Check your Vehicle Registration Record, Scan your RFID tag and QR Code and check your plate number manually if it is registered in the Land Transportation Management System or LTMS database.
The Vehicle also needs to go through Inspection and Testing like Visual Inspection, Wheel Alignment, Suspension, Roller Brake, Speedometer, Headlight, Emissions, and Exhaust Noise Level Test.
This will now determine whether your vehicle is still capable and safe to use and you may or may repeat the process to get the renewal of your vehicle’s registration. LTO CAR RD Francis Almora once said “If you clean and take care of your car as you take care of your family then you have nothing to worry about,” he said in an Interview.
To date, in Baguio, there is two ongoing construction of PMVIC, and they will put up also 2 in Benguet, and one in Mt. Province, Kalinga, Abra, and Ifugao. However, many have opposed the long-overdue Modernization due to the surge of the Pandemic.
The PMVIC is said to be “No Longer Mandatory and now Optional” by the National Government last year. But as a new Administration is taking over, will there be a chance for PMVIC to finally push through to Mandatory? Let’s wait and see.
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