Proposed parking at Burnham

Mayor Mauricio Domogan last week asked oppositors to the proposed multi-level parking facility within Burnham Park area to note the benefits for a bigger portion of the populace.
Reacting to reports of more than 7,000 signatures in an online campaign, the mayor said the prime area within the Ganza are could be maximized, for parking and a multi-development area which could raise funds for the city coffers. Computed income could go up to millions annually, it was known. 
He also pointed out that parking areas are urgently needed; thus a proposed two-floor mixed development facility. “The Ganza area has been used ever since for parking,” the mayor rued.
As for Melvin Jones which is a proposed parking area since 2002, there is neither decision, nor approval yet as consultations and studies are still being done, the mayor said. A parking area was proposed then, with the football fields being retained for playing purposes.
The online campaign spearheaded by a group, The Baguio We Want, and joined by other organizations, said the construction of a parking lot, “poses a continuing threat to the shrinking green space, and cause consequences to the heritage, culture, health and well-being of the people.”
It was also argued that the park is a “recreation ground,” and activities should be limited to tourism-related activities.” The transport system should instead be improved, if the proposed parking space’s reason for being built is traffic from lack of roadside parking space, the opposing group added.
The park is also an acquifer or a source of water and host to sports, family-oriented activities, cultural and other important events, and temporary shelter in times of disaster, the group said. JULIE G. FIANZA / ABN

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