The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)- Benguet Provincial Statistical Office will be conducting the monthly Labor Force Survey (LFS) this March. The conduct of the March 2023 Labor Force Survey is based on the PSA Board Resolution No. 06, Series of 2020. APPROVING THE CONDUCT OF THE MONTHLY LABOR FORCE SURVEY AND GENERATION OF THE MONTHLY LABOR

The monthly LFS aims to provide high frequency statistical information on the Philippine labor market to better monter and understand the current job situation and economy in the Philippines, as well as the impact of the current Coronavirus disease 2013 (COVID-19) health crisis. The results of the monthly LFS will serve as bases for planning formulation of policies, and implementing programs to create gainful employment and strengthen ihood opportunities for Filipinos particularly those who were adversely affected by the COVID-19 c.

The use of the Computer-Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAP) system will be administered during the data collection on 08-31 March 2023. The sample households are assured that the data they will
fish in the said survey shall be treated with strict confidentiality and shall be considered PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATION, hence, inadmissible in evidence in any proceeding as provided for in Section 26 of RA 10825. The PSA also compiles with the Data Privacy Act of 2012 assuring
that all collected personal information are processed in accordance with the law and other Issuances.

Further, the office assures the public that required heath and safety measures to contain COVID-19
will be strictly observed in all phases of the operations. They shall Skewise observe all protocols laid down by the Local Government Units (GU). Relative to this PSA Benguet appeals and enjoins the public to please support and cooperate in the said survey. The office also extends its utmost gratitude for the unending support of the public to the different surveys and censuses being undertaken.

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