Filipino Muslim in Barangay Malcolm Square observe fasting as they celebrate the Ramadhan this April . Muslims all over the world consecrate their faith in worshiping Allah. Muslim usually observe fasting in 29 days , aside from attending prayers and lectures from their Imam. One other
lecturer is Punong Barangay Imran Baniaga SINAR Baguio Benguet Muslim Association President Samsodin Monib ,Punong Barangay Joel Naseef Omar of Campo Filipino Barangay with Councilor Benny Bomogao, a balik-Islam, Hadji Ismael andr Abdul Salam Jhun Calde , Brother Sheraz Nasir. The prayer was held last April 4, 2023 at Peoples Park, Baguio City.

Carlos C. Meneses/ABN

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