RD Lee awards 3 wounded cops in Mt. Province

CAMP MAJOR BADO DANGWA, La Trinidad Benguet- PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE, Regional Director, recognized and awarded with PNP medals the three wounded Police Non- Commissioned Officers in Bauko, Mountain Province on October 16, 2021.
PROCOR Regional Director, PBGEN RONALD OLIVER LEE assisted by Mountain Province Police Provincial Office (MPPPO) Provincial Director, PCOL RUBEN ANDISO, personally presented the award and handed the financial assistance during his visit in the province.
PSMS William Maganon was awarded with Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting in a simple·ceremony held at the headquarters of 1st Mt. Province PMFC in Brgy. Otucan Norte, Bauko, Mt. Province.
Same award was given to PSMS Ruben Aronchay, who is recuperating in Luis Hora Memorial Regional Hospital. The two policemen were wounded due to the explosion of an improvised shotgun or bobby trap at Mt. Ungyod, Betwagan, Sadanga while performing their duty. The area has an unresolved boundary dispute between the tribe of Butbut, Tinglayan, Kalinga, and Betwagan, Sadanga, Mountain Province.
Meanwhile, Medalya ng Kagalingan was awarded to PSMS Wilfred Manacnis, who is assigned at Mountain Province 1st Provincial Mobile Company (PMFC). PSMS Manacnis was caught in an accident while performing official duty after the onslaught of STS Maring.

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