The Cordillera Regional Development Council (RDC-CAR) approved the Regional Development Plan (RDP): 2023-2028 on March 9, 2023. The RDP will guide the prioritization, design and
implementation of programs and projects toward achieving economic and social transformation for a prosperous, inclusive and resilient Cordillera. Dir. Susan A. Sumbeling of the NEDA Regional Office and Vice-Chair of the RDC said the draft chapters were reviewed and endorsed by the six sectoral committees of the Council.

Said development plan is a result of a series of workshops with all stakeholders in the region which
started in the last quarter of 2022. The process also required technical and peer review by the
NEDA for alignment with the PDP and consideration of inter-regional development concerns.
The planning process equally ensured that the unique physical, social and cultural characteristics of the region were articulated. The Plan, which was presented in an audio-visual format, highlights the sustained pursuit of the region for autonomy, adopted by the RDC as the overarching theme for
development, hence, a special chapter on culture-sensitive governance and development.

It contains the region’s development targets and strategies towards contributing to the achievement of national development goals set by the Philippine Development Plan by 2028, the Sustainable
Development Goals by 2030, and Ambisyon Natin by 2040. It will also serve as guide for regional sectoral plans and local plans at the provincial, city, and municipal levels. The RDP provides the direction for the preparation of regional and local investment programs and budget proposals in the next six years. The NEDA Regional Office Cordillera, as the State’s sub-national planning agency and the Secretariat of the RDC spearheaded the formulation of the RDP 2023-2028.

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