Reso and Ordi

In observance of March as Fire Prevention Month, La Trinidad respectfully requests the office of Department of Interior and Local Government to include the municipality as one of the recipients of one unit fire truck for municipality’s efficiency to respond to fire related emergency situations sponsored by Vice Mayor Joey Marrero.

Municipal of La Trinidad Fire Inspector Francis Copes said from their record on the 1st quarter of last year, there were five fire incidents from structural and forest while this year’s 1st quarter from January to present recorded two fire incidents. Copes added that his men may be well trained however La Trinidad equipment lacks reliability. As they may have four fire trucks but these are so old and need more repairs every now and then. La Trinidad’s total population is more or less 129,133 as of 2015 Census. According to Copes, ideally 10,000 residents should be equivalent to one fire truck. He said the estimate amount per new fire truck is P10M to P15M.

In other matter, more vehicles are in the road every time and taking a job of a traffic enforcer is never easy. The approved ordinance under the committee of Coun. Roderick Awingan granting financial incentive of traffic enforcers under the traffic management section of La Trinidad Municipal Police Station gives way for them to be diligent and enthusiastic and avoid doing “kotong”.

La Trinidad earns P1.5M to P2M a year from violators of traffic and so 25% from the total collection will be deposited at Municipal Trust Fund for their honorarium of P460 per day now with an addition of P500 per month once the ordinance is implemented. La Trinidad has more or less 15 auxiliary traffic enforcers and 11 police traffic officers.

What more to say and what more to do, when you’re lucky everything seems to serve you, that is if you’re a resident of LT. A proposed ordinance prescribing guidelines in the establishment and operation of dental clinic in barangay health centers by Coun. Horacio Ramos is now on its 3rd reading.

Meanwhile, another proposed ordinance now on its 3rd reading, prescribing guidelines in granting discounts through the issuance of identification cards to PWD, patients with chronic illness  like cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, epilepsy and other related cases in the municipality of La Trinidad. Sangguniang Bayan has no problem with the ordinance. However, it needs strict guidelines on granting discounts cards to PWDs (people with disability) who are true residents of La Trinidad. Further negotiations will follow before they will decide to push through with the ordinance.

Be a part of a solution rather than a problem and I shall say “Be a blessing rather than a burden.” Whatever your concerns are, put it in a paper and send it to the concerned committee on your local government unit that they may address your problem. That we may “bear one another’s burden, and so fulfil the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2). This is yours truly Tita Ara Katter of 98.7 ZRadio.

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