Second MinDA Fruit Festival In Baguio City In The Offing


BAGUIO CITY (October 25, 2020) – The second staging of the successful MinDA Fruit Festival in Baguio City September last year is in the offing.

Even before the Mindanao Development Authority could fold up the tents in the highly successful MinDA Tienda in Manila, a team from MinDA moved up to Baguio City Sunday to finalize the second staging of the MinDA Tienda Fruit Festival, MinDA chief Manny Piñol said.

According to Piñol, Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong asked MinDA to consider the second staging of the blockbuster MinDA Fruit Festival held in Baguio City.

Though Piñol admitted that it will not be an easy trip for the MinDA officials as they will have to undergo another COVID 19 test as required by the Baguio City local government.

The number of MinDA officials who drove all the way to Baguio City for the meeting with Mayor Magalong Monday will be trimmed down to the barest minimum,  the MinDA chief said.

Yet another meeting was set with the Good Shepherd sisters,  who process the famous Baguio Ube Jam for the possible supply of Purple Ube from Bukidnon,  Piñol also said.

The 2nd MinDA Fruit Festival and the first MinDA Tienda in Baguio City is set for the second week of November.

The fruits will be flown from Davao to San Fernando, La Union airport by a Boeing 727 jet owned by PSI Air 2007, MinDA’s new partner in the MinDA Tienda Program.

Artemio A. Dumlao