300 hillside homes will be painted to depict waves of colors and local icons at the Stobosa and Pico hillsides in La Trinidad. Davies Paints has partnered with Chanum Foundation anew to re design
the STOBOSA Hillside homes (Stonehill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap in Barangay Balili) and include the Pico side homes in a project that will accommodate over 300 hillside homes in both areas. Chanum Foundation President and Solar painter, Jordan Mang- osan, leads the Tam Awan Village artist team in the re design of original “Colors of StoBoSa,” with the work of multiple houses composing a
single art piece accented by sunflowers.

The new work, conceptualized by Tam Awan Artist Marlyn Bulayo, depicting waves of softy colors
accentuated by local icons like the sunflowers, gansa, strawberries, vegetables and beads. This time, designs will be set per house, making the homes, a canvas of colors and symbols, coming together to form a spray of colors and Banguet icons. Davies Paints responded to the call of the La Trinidad Local Government Unit to revisit the Stobosa project and repaint the 2016 project, providing the paint and commissioning the design by Chanum Foundation.

La Trinidad Mayor Romeo Salda led the community consultations with both Stobosa and Pic o homeowners to choose from six designs presented by the Chanum Foundation team, tasked to
execute the project. La Trinidad has committed to provide logistics and a dedicated painting team to help the artists and volunteers who will pledge their time for the Stobosa – Pico project. Since 2016, the StoBoSa Hillside Homes has become a top tourist stop before the town’s strawberry fields, pushing improvements and installation of a view deck in the area.

Today, the view deck as well as the hanging bride will be part of the centerpiece design of massive mural to be embarked by the group of artists. On March 15, the Department of Tourism Regional Director, Jovi Ganongan, Mayor Salda, Davies Paints Executive Vice President Albert Gan Lee, Mang -osan with the Tam-awan Village team will launch the project as part of the celebration of the La Trinidad’s Strawberry Festival. The 2016 project was led by the Department of Tourism Cordillera Administrative Region under the “Rev-Bloom Urban Redevelopment Tourism Campaign.”

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