It’s the beginning of a new year and we celebrate life and how we survived the year that was. They say post pandemic is worse than the pandemic, but who says we are out of the pandemic anyways?
There is an uneasy silence on how to live life after a horrid two years of Covid 19, and worst of all, the virus is not done with mankind just yet. We wait with bated breath, how we will survive the next few years.

Covid still looms above our head and as we try to move on from the tragedy of the past two years, we tiptoe unto 2023 with hopes high that we will indeed, hurdle the year against all odds. It seems that this is the first New Year that we can celebrate after two years of lockdown and quarantine, a chance to be with loved ones and a chance to once again see the world around us in a different light.

The past years have been dark, surreal even, filled with death and sickness, howling from an eternal mourning from our battered hearts and it is the first time in a long time that people seem to be allowed to celebrate. Two years of living in the recluse of our homes, frightened at the thought of a gathering, we now allow ourselves to go out and be like the people we used to be.

They say this pandemic generation is a humble batch of earthlings, boasting to be the generation to see a pandemic unfold, watch in horror how it escalates and slowly live to survive its gory end.
But we are not at the finish line just yet. There are still people getting sick, there are still people dying, there are still people mourning.

This pandemic generation is tagged as survivors, resilient even, ever patient in following protocol, brave enough to allow the injection of vaccines despite the uncertainty. But what is a survivor?
Let me break it down, a survivor is a person who has seen the worst but trudges on either by chance or destiny to continue.

A survivor has seen and witnessed how a multitude has given up, how defeat has taken a person and how sickness has claimed lives, but has to go on. A survivor knows how painful defeat is, how grief can overpower and how living becomes a last hope.

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