Tabuk City Now Covid-free


BAGUIO CITY (July 8, 2020) –  Tabuk City, Kalinga’s capital town is now COVID19-free.

This after patient “K07”, the 33 year old Overseas Filipino Worker who tested positive on June 20, has tested negative on her fourth swab.

Tabuk City Mayor Darwin Estrañero while thanking everyone who prayed for the recovery of patient “K07” reiterated Tabukeños not to let their guards down “and continue obeying  health and safety protocols.”

Tabuk City is maintaining 4 isolation areas:  the Agbannawag Holding Center and Isolation Unit for the Rapid Test Reactive Individuals and the Tabuk City High School, STS Dagupan and the AVT-Man-ugudan Hall at the Pastoral Center as green areas.

According to Tabuk City health officer Dr. Henrietta Bagayao,  the city was able to contain the COVID19 infection transmission after a successful contact tracing credited to the triange and testing system in place and functional isolation units.

Tabuk City is welcoming a minimum of 20 LSIs daily.

The city is planning to set up another isolation facility near the Agbannawag Evacuation Center.

Artemio A. Dumlao