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Tarah Valencia, a 24-year-old advocate and model from Baguio City, achieved a significant milestone by securing the title of third runner-up in the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 competition. The grand coronation night took place at the Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, where Valencia’s exceptional performance and dedication earned her a spot among the top contestants. Valencia stood out throughout the competition with her eloquence, poise, and commitment to her advocacy She emphasized the importance of environmental sustainability and cultural preservation, reflecting her deep connection to her hometown of Baguio City.

Her platform, “Sustaining Heritage, Sustaining Nature,” aims to promote eco-friendly practices and the preservation
of indigenous traditions. “I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity and proud to have represented Baguio City on
such a prestigious stage,” Valencia said. “This journey has been about more than just beauty; it’s about making a difference. I remain committed to my advocacy and will continue to work towards a more sustainable and culturally
aware society.” The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 title was awarded to Chelsea Ann Manalo of Bulacan, while First
Runner Up was awarded to Stacey Gabriel of Cainta and Second Runner Up was to Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province rounded out the top three.

Valencia’s third runner-up position was met with enthusiastic applause and widespread support from both the audience and her supporters back home. Valencia’s journey to the top four was marked by rigorous preparation, including extensive training in public speaking, runway skills, and fitness. Her dedication and hard work were evident in her impressive performances in various segments of the competition. Additionally, Valencia received the Miss Photogenic award, highlighting her exceptional presence both on and off the stage. Valencia’s success in the
pageant has brought significant attention to her advocacy work.

She plans to leverage her newfound platform to further promote environmental sustainability and cultural heritage preservation. Her efforts will include various initiatives and collaborations aimed at raising awareness and driving
meaningful change. As she returns to Baguio City, Valencia is set to embark on a series of local engagements and community activities. Her supporters eagerly anticipate her continued contributions to both her hometown and the
broader national stage. Tarah Valencia’s achievement as the third runner-up in Miss Universe Philippines 2024 marks a remarkable chapter in her life and career. With her unwavering commitment to her advocacy and her exemplary qualities, she is poised to continue making a positive impact in the years to come.

Aaron Chance/UC-Intern

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