City officials requested all the one hundred twenty eight barangays to allow the conduct of Trainor’s training
or seminar by the Yeshua Change Agents Association, Inc. in the barangay anti-drug abuse councils (BADACs) meetings or programs. Under Resolution NO. 493, series of 2022, the Committee on Barangay Affairs in its 3rd indorsement dated October 19, 2022 recommended the approval of the proposal for the
group to conduct the trainors training or seminar in the BADACs.

Earlier, officers of the Yeshua Change Agents Association, Inc., a nongovernment organization,
submitted a letter dated October 7, 2022 to the city legislative body, requesting permission to conduct such trainor’s training or seminar for the barangays in the city during their BADAC meetings, programs, among
other related activities, with the active participation of the elders, and other relevant stakeholders such as pastoral groups of the city and province, the Dangerous Drugs Board (DDB), the Philippine Drug
Enforcement Agency (PDEA), the Department of the Interior and Local government (DILG) and the City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (CADAC).

According to the council, the proposed orientation is in preparation to the enhancement and implementation of the DDB Resolution 148 OPLAN: EDSA ILAW and the DILG-DDB Joint Memorandum Circular 2018-01 issued on May 21, 2018 relative to the implementing guidelines on the functionality and
effectiveness of local anti-drug abuse councils in support to the revitalization of the advocacy on demand reduction program of BADAC.

The body, through Resolution NO. 394, series of 2022, accredited the Yeshua Change Agents Association,
Inc. as among the nongovernment organizations that will be allowed to transact official business with the local government and the different barangays.

Dexter A. See/Baguio-PIO

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