Two individuals were killed while three others, including a village chief, were wounded in two separate shooting incidents in Bangued, Abra’s capital. Banged police reported that still unidentified gunmen ambushed a van along the road in Sitio Silag, Barangay Calot, Bangued around 7:00 AM Friday killing construction worker Demy Peralta, also from Calot, Bangued. Peralta succumbed to multiple gunshot wounds, while Barangay Calot Chairman Robert Bio and his brothers Benson and Reymart were rushed to the Seares Memorial Hospital.

Bangued police said it immediately launched a manhunt operation for the possible identification and arrest of the suspects. Thursday evening, a man died after getting shot several times while playing table pool inside the Galera residence at Barangay Sagap, also in Bangued. Ronald G. Dumalen, 36 was rushed to the hospital but was not lucky to survive from multiple gunshot wounds. Investigators found out that the victim and Isidro Baoit, 36, also from that barangay, together with three others were playing table pool, when latter drew a firearm and shot Dumalen multiple times. At least 10 empty cartridges of caliber .45 pistol and two more unspent bullets for the same caliber were
found where the shopting occured. Baoit fled the scene after killing Dumalen.

Artemio Dumlao/ABN

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