Unity in diversity

Eddrei Benedic Aratas and Rhainiel Mae Malnag (left), both 11 years old and Grade VI students at the Philex Mines Elementary School (PMES), in this town’s Sitio Padcal, Brgy. Camp 3, who were later crowned as Mr. & Ms. United Nations, join their fellow pupils in a parade at the Padcal mine camp of Philex Mining Corp., on Saturday, Oct. 28. PMES celebrates UN’s 72nd Founding Anniversary, which falls on Oct. 24. The New York City-headquartered international body, of which the Philippines is a founding member, promotes and protects human rights, delivers humanitarian aid, promotes sustainable development, and upholds international law. “The kaleidoscope of colors we see in this parade today signifies unity in diversity,” said Roy Mangali, AVP at Philex Mining and assistant resident manager of Padcal mine. “We must be accepting and respectful of other peoples’ cultures, and work alongside them toward a peaceful global society and an environment that is sustainable for the future generations.” PR

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