With La Trinidad residents already fuming mad with the snail – paced construction of the multi – million Pines Park Bridge in Balili, Cong. Eric Go Yap is asking the Department of Public Works and Highways including the contractor to speed – up and set a timetable for its completion. Yap said the protracted construction process has left the community in limbo and has raised questions regarding the accountability of both the contractor and the government agency overseeing the project.

The solon also expressed his profound dissatisfaction with the sluggish progress of the project and called on the responsible parties to provide clarity on the current status and a firm commitment to complete the bridge without further delays. “We already sent a formal communication to DPWH,
hopefully we’ll get their answer today. We need answers from the implementing agency, the DPWH, ano na po ba ang update sa Pines Park bridge natin? The people need to know.

The fund may expire by the end of the year kung hindi ma-extend yung validity. What are we
looking at? Matatapos ba ng end of the month? Anong status by Oct 29? Mid november ba? End
of the year?” the solon asked. Residents of Balili and nearby areas have also voiced their grievances, citing increased traffic congestion, difficulties in commuting, and economic losses due to the bridge’s delayed construction. “We’ve been hearing some information about the causes of delay, like yung right of way issues among others, and we already know na may nagttrabaho pero we need
to hear an official update. Apprise us.

From the unofficial reports sa ground, iilang tao lang ang gumagawa. What’s the real score?” Yap added. Residents who had eagerly anticipated the benefits of the bridge, including reduced traffic
congestion and improved accessibility to key areas, are now growing increasingly frustrated as traffic snarls, detours, and the sight of an unfinished bridge have become a daily reality for Balili residents. “The construction of a new Pines Park Bridge is something that we really prioritized
pagdating sa paghahanap ng pondo. Maraming nagsabi na it became too dangerous para daanan, hence the need for a new one. But we need it asap, people sacrificed too much already,” added Yap.

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