Royal Kingdom of Maharlika vows to recover to benefit Filipinos


The Royal Kingdom of Maharlika (RKM) vowed to excert all efforts to recover all the country’s wealth deposited abroad for the benefit of Filipinos through peaceful and diplomatic means. ‘ Para sa taong bayan at kapakanan ng susunod na henerasyon ng Pilipino,’ RKM Spokesperson Fernando
Lagamia said in an emotionally charged cracking voice.

This developed after Lagamia learned that Malacanang ‘will not entertain’ such a request from his group to meet President Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. Actually, KRM request’ was contained in a recent letter addressed to Executive Secretary Lucas Bersamin. President Bongbong Marcos’ endorsement would facilitate the processing of the country’s wealth in foreign lands which are covered by international agreements entered into by his father exPresident Marcos Sr. and several world leaders.

In fact, in August this year, Royal Kingdom of Maharlika (RKM) has sent pertinent documents to Malacanang, Supreme Court, the Senate, and also to 174 countries, hoping for favorable response.
Spokesperson Lagamia said ,based from authenticated documents he presented , all the country’s wealth- be in the form of financial accounts, oil reservers and precious commodities ,among others are intended for the welfare of Filipinos and for humanitarian projects worldwide.

One document– ‘Last of the Last Will Testament’ signed by Marcos Sr. on December 27,1985,few months before the 1986 February Revolution, states that ‘funds’ are ‘intended for the following Development Program for the Filipino People’s Profits. Seventy percent of the funds shalll be distributed to the Filipino people. The following programs include: 1. Livelihood Program to set and to engage Filipino into entrepreneurship program; 2.

Scholarship Program to assist all Scholars to perform their school works from Primary to College Level; 3. Health and Care Program to assist all Filipino Beneficiaries to maintain good health; 4.
Disability/Retirement/Pension Programs to assist beneficiaries. Other programs : 5. National Infrastructure of Urban and Rural Venture Programs such as concrete roads, bridges, school/ hospital buildings, relocation buildings, and railway system; 6 Agricultural and Irrigation
Development – to assist all farmers and other agricultural workers to maintain and sustain their demands and needs; 7 Industrial and Economic Matters to assist more Filipinos to perform workforce throughout the Philippine Islands for their daily needs.

Moreover, ex-President Marcos’ Last of the Last Will Testament -has appointed Rolando Rhey Kipte Villar the Holder, Keeper, Administrator and sole signatory of the Mother Accounts and
Extensive Accounts in the said Central Banks of the 174 countries and 743 Commercial Banks worldwide.

Primo Agatep/ABN



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