SIUDAD TI BAGUIO – Agdagup 2.7 milion nga agnanaed iti Rehion ti Ilocos iti naan-anayen a nabakunaan kontra iti coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) agingga agsapa iti Mierkoles (Enero 5, 2022), sigun iti Department of Health Center for Health Development – Ilocos Region (DOH-CHD -1).
Iti maysa nga interbiu ti telepono, imbaga ni DOHCHD-1 Covid-19 focal person, Dr. Rheuel Bobis, nga 3.2 milion a residente iti nakaawat met iti uray maysa a dose ti bakuna para Covid-19.
Kinunana a 5.72 doses iti bakuna ti coronavirus iti naipawanwan iti rehion. “We are on target as we have reached 50 percent of the total eligible population before the year-end in 2021. But we target to complete 70 percent for population protection in the first quarter this year.
We are focused on areas that have a low vaccination rate,” innayonna. Kabayatanna, kinuna ni Bobis nga awan pay iti nakumpirma a variant ti Omicron iti rehion gapu ta agtultuloy pay a mangipatulod iti sample specimens para genome sequencing ken surveillance.
“We are assessing the readiness of the hospitals. We have already coordinated with the different hospitals to increase or return the Covid-19 dedicated hospital beds, including temporary treatment facilities or isolation units of the local government units. We are anticipating the surge because we have already seen this trend last year during the holidays when cases increased,” kunana.
Agingga Enero 4, adda agdagup 173 aktibo a kaskaso iti rehion manipud iti 94,307 kumpirmado a kaskaso. Lima a baro nga umimbag iti nainayon kadagiti 91,910 nga umimbag a pasyente. Siam pay a natay iti nangipangato iti bilang dagiti natay a 2,224.
(HA-PNA Ilocos/PMCJr.-ABN)

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