BAGUIO CITY – A manhunt was launched against a man who was said to have dumped a baby at a garbage site in Loakan Access Road, barangay Loakan Proper here. A passer-by found the lifeless infant, estimated to be six to eight months old and a victim of an abortion, Monday afternoon. The infant was brought first to the Loakan Police Station where he was blessed by a priest and the police personnel.

Afterwards, he was brought to the San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish Church for appropriate rites before he was buried at the Baguio Public Cemetery. Loakan Police Station Chief Police Lt. Benedicto Dontogan called on the perpetrators and the mother of the child to be human and have a conscience on their deed. He vowed that they will go after them to answer for abortion. He also appealed to those who may give investigators information about the identities of the parents of the infant.

Artemio A. Dumlao/ABN

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