7 Things To do for Unenrolled Children

Have you heard that some Parents did not enroll their children this School Year 2020-2021? Well, I must say that’s normal. It’s their free will anyway, who are we to demand them when they believe it is not yet safe for their Child especially there has no assurance of a Vaccine yet for Covid-19 and if ever there is; is it affordable? is it for free? how much will it cost? is it really effective? where did it came from? how was it made? what are the components, ingredients and etc… This and many more questions and doubt runs in every individuals mind somehow.

However, iKit will not talk about Covid-19 for this news has been running to every Quadro-Media for quite sometimes now. So here, I will share to you some Hand work that will give interest to every Children who do not have classes to attend starting this Month of August to May 2021. 7

Things to do for unenrolled Children.

First, the infamous Planting Vegetables inside the Vicinity of one’s Home. Well, not only will the Child learn how to appreciate our hardworking Farmers but also he/she learns the importants of Food. In this way, Our Children will not waste the food they eat.

Second, Cooking and Baking. This is most interesting for Girls but somehow Boys could be of good help too. They will learn to Budget and the different spices of Life.

Third, A Puzzle, Crossstitch, Sewing, Carpentry, Sculpture, Learning any Instruments, Wood carving, Painting and Drawing. This will show his/her artistic side and emotion on circumstances.

Fourth, Enroll him/her on any kind of Sports that you believe interest them. But better to enroll them only in one Martial Arts that they may use for Self-defence if ever and learn patience is a way of good discipline to control negative emotions.

Fifth, A practice of writing a daily experiences and their goal or activities they have on mind for tomorrow. This is really good for Parents as well for they will get to know their children better.

Sixth, Let them Read a Story Book and it is important if it is a Story from the Bible and Let them write down the lesson and what they have learn from it. You as a parent may learn something from here too.

Seven, Let them take care of small task like wiping the table after meal. Taking good care of their grandparents in any way possible. Cleaning their room and Brooming the House. You may add something that I have not written here as long as you as parents will lead them to a better person in the future.

This is yours truly, iKit Ng Bayan of 98.7 ZRadio Aired every Monday to Thursday 6PM- 7PM and Sunday 4PM-7PM Program.

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