ABCs of getting high grades

Achieving high grades could be an easy as memorizing your ABC when you have a balanced life. When it seems your goal of getting high grades is not materializing, try these simple ABCs.
Attend classes regularly. Avoid making unnecessary absences.
Begin your day with God. Pray and read the Bible for your spiritual and intellectual growth.
Come to class early. This will give you time to review your notes or do advance reading.
Divide long-term assignments or projects into small tasks that you can work on a daily basis.
Engage in profitable or intellectually enhancing hobbies. Join sports activities, enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, keep a diary, or do one random act of kindness each day.
Focus on what you are doing at the moment for maximum efficiency.
Go out and make friends. Make amends with your enemies. Doing so does not only add colors to your life, they also complete the circle of life.
Help a classmate who is lagging behind. You’ll master your lesson in the process.
Invite the Lord to be your Guide, Partner, and Friend and you’ll always be on the right track.
Jot down notes. They come in handy during reviews.
Keep track of time. Wasted time equals lost opportunities.
Laugh often, love life, and live one day at a time.
Make a daily schedule. List the things that you need to do for the day to avoid forgetting them.
Never ever skip breakfast. Doing so is one of the biggest brain-draining habits.
Offer your heart, soul, and mind to your Creator and King.
Participate in discussions. You’ll learn more if you interact more.
Quit minding other people’s business. You have no idea what they are really going through.
Research. Don’t just settle with the things that you learn inside the classroom.
Stay fit. Eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly. A healthy body is a must to a healthy mind.
Take time alone to reflect and count your blessings.
Use your talent, knowledge, and skills for the glory of God.
Vent your feelings and opinions only after spending careful thought about them.
Wait, if you can, until you graduate in college before having a sweetheart.
Xerox or photocopy materials that you missed and study them.
Yearn to learn something new each day.
Zoom in on worthwhile opportunities that come your way. A missed opportunity is lost forever.
Getting ahead in school is not just excelling mentally but socially, physically, and spiritually as well. (Bienes,K. 2008). Any student aims on getting a high grade in all subjects. Learning how to set goals can help give you direction and motivation, allowing you to work systematically and progressively toward an end result—high grades. Goal setting helps you determine what you want to achieve and how to spend time to achieve it. Following the ABCs on getting high grades is a challenge for all students. Make it a habit. Habits are developed through consistency and regular practice. JEANNE R. DACALCAP, Pines City National High School

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