Aboitiz Equity Ventures (AEV) proudly received recognition during the recent Philippine Business
Coalition for Women Empowerment (PBCWE) General Membership Meeting for its successful completion of the Gender Equality Assessment Results and Strategies (GEARS) Action Commitments. The event took place on Wednesday, June 21, at the Atrium at Enderun in Taguig
City, gathering industry leaders, influencers, and trendsetters committed to fostering gender equality in the workplace. Established in 2017, PBCWE collaborates with prominent companies
such as AEV to drive positive change and empower women across various industries.

Central to the mission of PBCWE is assisting organizations in collecting data and establishing
benchmarks related to gender equality within their respective workplaces. Through policy reform, capacity-building initiatives, and engagement efforts, PBCWE helps companies overcome barriers
hindering the attainment of gender equality goals. A flagship tool developed by PBCWE, the
GEARS aids companies in evaluating and enhancing their workplace gender equality strategies. It focuses on twelve key areas, including leadership, pay equity, and flexible work arrangements, as well as LGBT inclusion at work.

“The assessment confirmed that AEV had a strong vision for workplace gender equality, with a priority placed on continuously improving policies, business processes, and initiatives for a safe, engaged, and inclusive workplace,” read the PBCWE GEARS. Following the initial assessment, AEV and PBCWE worked together to break down the next steps into action commitments emphasizing the strategic alignment of gender equality and business priorities, and leadership and accountability. The recent recognition found that AEV successfully implemented all action
commitments, reaffirming its position as a corporate leader in the space of workplace gender

According to the PBCWE, the progress of AEV has resulted in enhanced workplace gender equality
understanding and engagement among team members, and improved accountability of team
leaders in promoting policies and targets that align with the companies’ commitment. Aboitiz has also reviewed its hiring and job evaluation processes and adopted an anti-discriminatory policy.

This noteworthy achievement of AEV demonstrates its unwavering commitment to championing
gender equality and fostering an inclusive work environment. As a member of PBCWE, AEV influences its own network and inspires its peers, partners, and supply chain to support the
sustained entry, retention, and advancement of women in the workplace. Their involvement in PBCWE exemplifies its dedication to societal progress and its recognition of the transformative power of gender equality

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