Abra Mayor, Vice Mayor brother-sister tandem surrender pistols, rifles

BAGUIO CITY(June 16, 2022) — Pilar, Abra Mayor and Vice-Mayor brother-sister tandem, involved in a so-called “ambush and a stand-off” with police weeks before the May 9 elections surrendered several pistols and rifles whose licenses were earlier revoked by the police.
Cordillera police director Brig. Gen. Ronald Lee  said Mayor Mark Roland Somera and Vice Mayor Josefina “Jaja” Somera-Disono surrendered their war materiel at Barangay Poblacion, Pilar, Abra thru their legal counsel.
A total of six pistols, two shotguns and one revolver were turned over to the Abra Police and the Regional Civil Security Unit (RCSU) – Cordillera.
Somera surrendered a Caliber 40 Glock Generation 4,  a Caliber 357 Smith and Wesson revolver,  a Caliber 45 Glock pistol, a 12 Gauge SPAS shotgun, a Cal. 9mm CZ pistol, a caliber 9mm STRBOG pistol, a cliber 9mm MOSSBERG pist and a Caliber 45 Armcsor M1911 pistol.
Disono handed over a 12-gauge shotgun.
All firearms surrendered were places undee the custody of RCSU-COR.
On March 29, 2022, a standoff occured at the compound of the brother-sister tandem after her security aides reportedly eluded a checkpoint in Pilar, Abra and took refuge in their compound.
The incident resulted in the surrender of 12 security aides, all former soldiers, and 14 licensed assorted firearms.
Artemio A. Dumlao
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