Active women in community can make improvement for change

Women are weaker than men when it comes to status of life in the community but they can make great change. It was really observed that in all assemblies like PTA meetings, programs and barangay assembly, they always outnumber men. They are also interested in joining organizational programs, giving projects in the community such as the KALAHI-CIDS/RIC and the Heirloom Rice. In the year 2015-2016, there were some KALAHI-CIDS funded projects constructed in some barangays of Bakun who won the projects through attendances during assemblies, impacts and assertion of members to obtain the projects. This year 2016-2017 there are some projects again being implemented in Bakun under KALAHI-CIDS.
For the RIC of Bakun Central, the women members of this organization were able to request a big building for processing foods from the provincial government of Benguet. The construction of this two-story big building is around 60percent finished. The Heirloom rice on the other hand is progressing.
Women can also hold congress. A thing that men cannot do. In fact, last March 14, 2017, the group of women from the different sitios in Bakun assembled in front of the municipal stage and office in Ampusongan, Bakun to celebrate the annual women’s congress. Each group has different color of uniform that made the crowd look colorful. Each group also has its own original composition that they sung after the message of the speaker that enlightened them about Gender and Development (GAD), Violence against Women & Children (VAWS) and others. The congress ended with great appreciation from the Chief of Police of Bakun, PI Artimas Kumanab, who lastly said women really make great change. Antonio B. Lantaen / ABN

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