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THE BAGUIO MEDIA – Benguet Rep.Eric Go Yap officiate the oath of office of the Baguio Correspondents and
Broadcasters Club for the year 2024 led by Thom AF. Picana as President . The oath taking ceremony was held
at the Club House, Camp John Hay last February 20, 2024.

Photo by MGEP


Tuesday at the Camp John Hay Golf Club by Benguet Rep. Eric Go Yap as he promised to look into the welfare of his fellow journalists during his short one year term. Picana then inducted Yap as honorary member of the organization founded in 1964 as on offshoot of the all publisher, editor Baguio Press Club. “I would look into the welfare of our members especially in getting insurance,” said the veteran journalist who has about 30 years of experience under his

Picana said that journalism is one of the high risk professions where journalists are even denied to get insurance. “I was in a chopper with some of our colleagues and we were told to even sign a waiver that we join the flight at no
responsibility of the Philippine Air Force,” said Picana, who toured the region with some of his colleagues just to cover stories. “Right Harley (Palangchao), Zaldy (Comanda, Joseph (Cabanas,” said the former bureau chief of Manila Times.

Inducted into office were: Dexter See, Dionisio Dennis and Freddie Rulloda for vice president for print, radio and
television, in that order; Pigeon Lobien, Ma. Elena Catajan and Mauricio Victa as secretary, treasurer and auditor, in that order. The board is composed of Roderick Osis, Harley Palangchao, Frank Cimatu and Aldwin Quitasol, while
Miguelito Velarde, Jr., Jordan Tablac and Zaldy Comanda took their oaths as business managers.

Immediate past president Joseph Cabanas, who will serve as ex-officio, took his oath also. It is also the first time that
most of the officers and board members are past presidents with Catajan (2006), Lobien (2008), Velarde (2011),
Palangchao (2012), Osis (2012), Cimatu (2014) and Tablac (2019) to serve for one year under Picana. “I am happy that I have so many past presidents who can guide me run the club for a year,” said Picana in Filipino, who came
with his wife Grace and youngest Marietonie to the induction supported by the Philippine Veterans Bank with vice president for media affairs Mike Villareal present.

Picana then urged his officers that they work to have a successful staging of the club’s signature event, the Lucky Summer Visitors and Media Camp at Burnham. “We are now deep in preparation and I think that I am the first president to work, and maybe sit down and relax, with so many experienced officers,” said Picana, who vowed also to
improve the Camp at Burnham Park.

Last week, Picana and some of his officers met with City Environment and Parks Management Office assistant head Eng’r Marivic Empizo and parks supervisor Joseph Hermogeno and students from Saint Louis University orgaznied as Sulong Bayan to plot out how the two organizations share the area behind the police office and women’s desk which the media use as Camp Peppot during Holy Week. The students agreed to get the right side even as they have already drafted a design for the “Camp Peppot”. “So it is agreed that Sulong Bayan will use the (right) area,” said Enpizo as she pointed at the area nearer to the Harrison Road.

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