Recidivist caught for the 3rd time


A known recidivist was apprehended in a buy-bust operation before midnight of December 11 along
Quezon Hill Proper by elements of the Regional Drug Enforcement Unit of the Police Regional Office Cordillera. Investigation was disclosed by the police, that the suspect Sharon Lorenzana was previously arrested in La Trinidad Benguet in 2017 and again in Bugias Benguet in 2021 and is out on probation. Last night the suspect sold an estimated 1 gram of suspected shabu to an undercover police amounting to P4,000.00.

She refused to be recorded in an interview but said she was not doing drugs but was only ordered to deliver them. Violation of section 5 of article 2 of the Comprehensive Drug Act of 2002 is being readied against the suspect who is now being processed at the BCPO Station 1.

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