2 Male minors arrested for possession of illegal drugs and airsoft guns

Two minors involved in a commotion were arrested after they were caught in possession of illegal drugs and Airsoft guns in Tabuk City, Kalinga on September 22, 2022. Based on the report submitted to PROCOR Regional Director, PBGEN MAFELINO ASPERO BAZAR, the arrested minors were identified as two 16-year-old males, both residents of Tabuk City, Kalinga.

According to Tabuk CPS, they were conducting a mobile patrol when they noticed a group of young male minors engaging in a fistfight in front of Tabuk City National High School prompting them to immediately respond to the said incident. As a result, two minors involved in the commotion were arrested while other young male minors scampered in different directions. In addition, when the police officers frisked the arrested minors, they found two (2) metal short replicas of firearms or airsoft guns and two (2) improvised tooter with a residue of suspected dried marijuana leaves and seeds weighing more or less .05 grams.

Inventory of the pieces of evidence recovered was conducted in the presence of the arrested minors and witnessed by Kagawad Reynald Mayangao of Barangay Dagupan Centro, Tabuk City; Mr. Justine Amoyen, Media Representative; and Lailanie Balao-ing, Department of Justice (DOJ) Representative. The minors and confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to the custody of Tabuk City Police Station (CPS) for documentation and proper disposition.


Construction worker nabbed for illegal possession of firearms

The quick response of PROCOR Cops has resulted in the arrest of a suspect for illegal possession of a firearm in Bangued, Abra on September 16, 2022. Based on the report submitted to PROCOR Regional Director, PBGEN MAFELINO ASPERO BAZAR, the suspect was identified as Jethly Dufale Agbusac, 28 years old, and a resident of Pilar, Abra. According to Bangued MPS, they received a phone call from a
concerned citizen informing them that a male person was seen holding a firearm and roaming around in Zone 6, Bangued, Abra.

Immediately, the personnel of Bangued MPS responded to the area and they approached the person resembling the suspect being described by the concerned citizen. Upon approaching, the police officers were able to see the exposed handgrip of a firearm from the suspect. When asked for pertinent documents of the said firearm, suspect Agbusac failed to show any thus prompting the police officers to arrest him.

Seized from the suspect is one caliber .45 pistol and a magazine loaded with five pieces of ammunition.
The arrested suspect and confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to Bangued MPS for proper documentation and disposition while charges for RA 10591 or the Comprehensive Law on Firearms
and Ammunition Regulation Act are now filed against him.


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