BAGUIO CITY (August 16, 2022)— as part of Baguio City’s health promotion among nursing mothers, a group of Baguio-based artists feature their paintings and other crafts to instill awareness on the importance of breast feeding. The group, Pasakalye Group of Artists, showcased each of the members’ artworks portraying mothers who are breastfeeding their children starting Monday at the Upper Ground Floor of SM City Baguio. Some of the artworks show indigenous women who prefer the indigenous, more beneficial and safer method of nurturing and ensuring their babies grow healthier.

According to Baguio City Health Services Office (CHSO) Chief Rowena Galpo, breastfeeding during this time of the Corona Virus Disease (Covid 19) pandemic will assure the babies and the next generation of stronger immune system.  She said that this will also make the bond between mothers and their children stronger then ever aside from its being practically economical.

Dianne Mendoza, Lactation Management Specialist of the Breastfeeding Care Center of the North bared that only 30% of Filipino mothers in the country breastfeed their children. This contradicts the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) that babies need all the nutrients from 0 to six months much more the first 1000 days. WHO stated that breastfeeding is the most important in ensuring such.

She said that if the child grow up with weak body or poor health, the big blame may be put to the mother. Mendoza said that activities promoting and encouraging breastfeeding are much important to bring back the good health practices among the Filipino families.

Pasakalye Group of Artists Founder and President Maricar Docyogen said that they are proud to be part of the effort in the encouragement of breast feeding. She added that they feel their commitment in promoting good practices through their artworks.

By: Artemio A. Dumlao


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