Representative Mark Go urged government agencies and tourism stakeholders to strike a balance between tourism development and international recognition in sustaining the quality of life in the city as well as in other areas.
Representative Go ,who recognized all the efforts by the industry stakeholders, also called on government officials
and industry leaders to continue supporting policies and initiatives that promote sustainable tourism development.
And also urged them to streamline regulatory processes, and incentivize private sector investment.

‘Let us remember that the success of our tourism industry depends on all of us— government, private sector, civil society, and local communities — working together towards a common goal.’ Go was among the guest in recently concluded Cordillera Regional Tourism Investment Forum 2024 held at the Cordillera Convention Hall of Baguio
Country Club (BCC). ‘To our local SME owners and entrepreneurs, I commend you for your vision, innovation,
and resilience in the face of challenges. Your passion and creativity are the driving force behind our region’s tourism

‘By creating an enabling environment for tourism investment, we can attract more investors, stimulate economic
growth, and create jobs for our people.’ He stressed that sustainable tourism is the way forward in order for visitors to gain a greater and meaningful appreciation of our history and culture, while ensuring that we will continue to have tangible and intangible resources to share with others. ‘Progress, development, and sustainability are not mutually exclusive,’ Go said in the recently concluded Cordillera Regional Tourism Investment Forum 2024 held at the Cordillera Convention Hall of Baguio Country Club (BCC).

‘Elevating Opportunities: Sustainable Investments in Mountain Tourism’ was the event theme. The call for sustainable efforts, in fact, allows all of us, not just Baguio City, to conduct more business and even accommodate more opportunities for tourism and investment in the city. Decades of unwavering tourism as well as a bustling
economy as evidenced by various local businesses around the city have catapulted Baguio to enjoy prosperity and
development, Go said.

Investing in mountain tourism presents a myriad of opportunities for economic growth, job creation, and community development, capitalizing our region’s natural assets and cultural heritage. But beyond the economic
benefits, mountain tourism offers a platform for cultural exchange, mutual understanding, and global cooperation. It is a powerful tool for promoting peace, fostering dialogue, and breaking down barriers between people of different
backgrounds and cultures, Go emphasized.

Citing the beauty and grandeur of the Cordilleras, the city as the getaway , offering vast potentials and opportunities, and all the efforts, the Baguio solon pointed progress and development has its price and lots have to be done. ‘Yet all of these come at a price. While there is no denying the beauty of the city, there are underlying problems at hand. We are bursting at the seams.’ Go cited that some local areas experienced congestion; traffic has worsened, and continues to bring Baguio to a standstill with the arrival of droves of tourists during the holidays.

Facilities, sites, and attractions that have been worn out and dilapidated over time are unable to pursue a much needed rehabilitation and restoration due to the constant influx of crowds notwithstanding current efforts of our LGU. He further said ,overpopulation has also contributed to the aggravation of our city’s waste management and sewage treatment, polluting our water systems with the excess accumulation of grease, oil, and fat from various establishments around the city among other waste material.

Over time, tourists are left with a tainted impression on Baguio City and locals are left frustrated with the difficulties
that come with daily life here in the city. Go mentioned Republic Act (RA) 11932, creating the Metropolitan Baguio La Trinidad Itogon Sablan Tuba and Tublay Development Authority or the MBLISTTDA. As the principal author of
the law,it benefit Baguio, Benguet and the Cordilleras, the law aims to spread growth to the municipalities neighboring Baguio to achieve sustainable development.

MBLISTTDA shall be responsible for planning and implementing basic services in Baguio and its nearby towns –
La Trinidad, Itogon Sablan, Tuba and Tublay – without diminution of the autonomy of the local government units.
This measure aims to promote sustainable development by centralizing and overseeing development efforts and initiatives which deal with the challenges confronting the area.

Primo Agatep/ABN

Amianan Balita Ngayon