Call for Vigilance Against CPP-NPA-NDF Online Recruitment

Meta recently took down over 400 Facebook pages used by the terrorist organization CPP-NPA-NDF for various purposes including recruitment.
This is a clear indication of the truth on this horrible organization’s desperation to exhaust all possible means most especially through technology to recruit for their fake and lame causes.
The CPP through its so-called legal organizations such as the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN), Anakbayan, Gabriela, etc, has long taken advantage of freedom of expression to spread hate on the government and therefore closed the minds of the people on the government programs and services that are intended to uplift quality of lives.
They capitalized on this hate to convince people to go against the government which was built by the people themselves.
This tactic of demonizing the government has been mastered by the CPP-NPA-NDF for purposes of recruitment, which they have taken further into the social media during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.
It cannot be denied that pages of Anakbayan and allied organizations have posted invitations of educational discussions on Facebook during the pandemic.
Seemingly harmless but the invitations featured courses offered by this terrorist organizations such as the Araling Aktibista (ARAK), Maikling Kurso sa Lipunan at Rebolusyong Pilipino (MKLRP) and Espesyal na Kursong Masa (EsKuM).
These groups also openly called social media users to join social media rallies against the government especially on allegations on their invented term — red-tagging.
For a time, the CPP through its allied organizations enjoyed raising audiences for these activities without administrator of social media platforms realizing that these activities promoted and propagated by these groups using their technology form part of initial stages of recruitment to this terror organization.
And the CPP’s allied organizations have conveniently used freedom of expression as cloak for such activities or turn to their red-tagging alibi when someone brave calls out Facebook’s attention on their sneaky activities.
But this has to end. It has to end now. After the takedown of more than 400 Facebook pages, the CPP is likely to find other ways to insist their schemes using the social media.
It is therefore imperative for Meta and administrators of other social media platforms to be vigilant on the use of their facilities and technology by the CPP and its allied organizations.
Because failure to do such is detrimental to social media users. It will be tantamount to tolerating recruitment for a terrorist organization.
It should be emphasized that it is the moral obligation of firms running these platforms to protect their clients from possible exposure to harm and become tool of terrorists.
While they have this moral obligation, it is also a social responsibility for all social media users to report social media pages that espouse materials related to the activities of CPP and its allied organizations.
In such manner, we can protect each other from CPP recruitment and we help end this 53 years of terror by this terrorist organization that has wasted so many lives in the past 5 decades.
Everyone should do their part and report CPP-NDF-NPA social media pages. End their recruitment, end their terrorism.
-Ma Louisa Foligan
Spokesperson, Samahan ng Mamamayang Kontra Terorismo

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