Celebrating 100 Million Watsons Members Worldwide


Watsons, the flagship health and beauty brand of A.S. Watson Group has reached a
phenomenal milestone of 100 million loyalty members worldwide. This is a strong global
community of 100 million beauty and wellness enthusiasts, and Watsons is dedicated to
introduce a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. By staying connected to the members,
Watsons strives to inspire them to do good, feel great together as a powerful movement.
Having grown rapidly since its launch in 2008, it is now available in 14 markets and is
no. 1 in brand loyalty program across Asia. To further cement its position, Watsons launched the
Elite VIP Members program with more perks and rewards for its most loyal customers in 2018.
By 2019, Watsons One Pass© was launched to allow members enjoy shopping benefits at
Watsons stores globally.
Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia and Europe), says, “Today, Watsons reached a
major milestone of connecting 100 million beauty and wellness lovers in Asia. We’re now
growing at roughly one million new members every quarter. This isn’t just a big milestone for
us; it’s also an important one for all our members who form a community that inspires each other
to look and feel good inside and outside.”
She adds that, “the COVID-19 pandemic has created stronger bonds between us and our
members and we have been able to stay in touch and share relevant contents during this
challenging time. We want to thank every one of you, our 100 million members, for making this
milestone happen. Our mission as a community is to Look Good and Do Good for ourselves, the
people we love and society.”
Support the brand that cares about you and continues to inspire everyone to look good
and feel great. Never miss out on superb perks and discounts with your Watsons Card and
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