The Baguio City Council has postponed the approval of funding for two projects in Fiscal Year 2024. The first project is the construction of a leachate treatment plant at Irisan Ecopark, which was questioned by Councilor Peter Fianza due to the site’s closure over a decade ago and the recommendations to repurpose it for other initiatives. The second project is the purchase of equipment for an upgraded transfer station at Dontogan Barangay, which was deferred due to a clerical error in the documentation.

The proposed transfer station will house the city’s Materials Recovery Facility and serve as a key component of the waste management infrastructure. General Services Officer Eugene Buyucan clarified that the funding for the construction of the transfer station had already been approved in 2023, and the current request was for purchasing equipment for the MRF. However, Councilor Betty Lourdes Tabanda raised concerns about acquiring equipment for a building that has not yet been constructed, expressing doubts about the need for the funds this year.

Vice Mayor Faustino Olowan called for a thorough scrutiny of the project plan before approving the budget for
equipment. Projects approved under Supplemental Budget 1 include various initiatives such as PAGIBIG contributions, rehabilitation of Arboretum, placemaking in Barangays with Youth Leads, and procurement of a fire truck for the Baguio Fire Station.

Additionally, projects approved during the April 22 session include feasibility studies for garbage collection outsourcing, GAD resiliency integration, smart garbage bins, peace and order innovations, drainage development, construction of multipurpose halls, and rehabilitation of health centers. Overall, the City Council is taking a cautious approach to the approval of funding for projects, considering factors such as project readiness and necessity.

There is a call for transparency and thorough evaluation of project plans to ensure that allocated funds are used effectively and efficiently. The Council’s decision to defer funding for certain projects reflects a commitment to responsible financial management and the prioritization of projects that will have a significant impact on the community.

SP/Jordan Habbiling

Amianan Balita Ngayon