The City of Baguio launched its Smart Urban Mobility Project initiative by Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation which aims to transform the city’s public transportation and traffic management systems thru advanced technologies to ease congestion and improving overall mobility for residents and visitors. The Smart Urban Mobility Project is a comprehensive approach to urban transport, integrating intelligent traffic systems, real-time data analytics, and enhanced public transit options.

Key components include the deployment of smart traffic lights that adapt to real-time traffic conditions, the implementation of a city-wide public transportation app, and the introduction of eco-friendly electric buses. Mayor Benjamin Magalong highlighted the project’s potential to significantly improve the quality of life in Baguio City.
“This initiative not only addresses our current traffic challenges but also positions Baguio as a leader in sustainable urban development,” Magalong stated. “Our goal is to create a more efficient, environmentally friendly, and accessible city for all.”

The project is also expected to have a positive economic impact, attracting new investments and creating job opportunities in the tech and transportation sectors. By improving the efficiency of the city’s transportation network, the project aims to enhance productivity and support the growth of local businesses. The launching of the Smart Urban Mobility Project follows the recent implementation of the PublicPrivate Partnership (PPP) Code of 2023. This new legislative framework facilitates collaboration between the government and private sector, ensuring the successful execution and sustainability of large-scale infrastructure projects like this one.

Residents and visitors can look forward to a more streamlined and user-friendly public transportation experience. The introduction of the city’s dedicated app will provide real-time updates on bus schedules, traffic conditions, and route planning, making it easier for commuters to navigate the city. As Baguio City embarks on this ambitious journey towards smarter urban mobility, it sets a precedent for other cities in the Philippines and beyond. The project represents a significant step forward in the pursuit of sustainable and intelligent urban development, promising a brighter and more connected future for Baguio City.

Aaron Chance Mendoza/UC-Intern

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