Baguio City officials recently granted Mayor Benjamin Magalong authority to enter into a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) with the Phil-Tower Consortium, Inc. to improve the quality of telecommunications in the city. In Resolution No. 283, series of 2024, the Committee on Laws, Human Rights, and Justice, in its 5th endorsement on April 26, 2024, granted the request of the Chief Executive the authority to enter into an MOU. It added that the committee members, along with the representatives of Phil-Tower Consortium, Inc., acceded to
the amendment of the draft MOU.

City counselors, however, required that the MOU be submitted back to them for confirmation. Further, the city council requested the company to submit the locations of the towers to be constructed. Earlier, the council
considered Magalong’s letter request dated February 21, 2024, to enter into an MOU with PhilPower Consortium, Inc. to improve the quality of telecommunications in the city. The said company is an independent tower firm with a
valid and subsisting registration with the Department of Information and Communications Technology and has represented itself as a company capable of providing positive telecommunication infrastructure and related services.

The city council noted that the importance of increasing connectivity and improving the quality of telecommunications in the city, as well as the implementation of infrastructure that contributes to accessible
connectivity and economic growth, will benefit the city residents, thus, providing a notable opportunity to collaborate with the company. The city council emphasized that the city government is steadfast in its commitment to widening connectivity and augmenting technology infrastructure in the city as the city strives to keep pace with advancements in telecommunications and ensure that the residents have access to reliable and efficient connectivity; thus, it is crucial that the local government partners with capable service providers in the industry.

Artemio A. Dumlao/Feurella Forosan/UC-Intern/ABN

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