Cordillera Groups Urges Mayor Sarah to Seek Presidency

BAGUIO CITY – As the whole country celebrates March as Women’s Month highlighting  their role in nation-building and governance, a group of local residents in Baguio and Benguet is pushing for the election of a woman as the country’s next President.
Atty. Alfredo Mondiguing, MRRD – NECC Regional Chairman and  former PDP Regional council president recently led a motorcade along the Summer Capital’s main thoroughfares and down to the Municipalities of La Trinidad and Tublay in the Province of Benguet to convince Davao City Mayor and Presidential daughter, Sarah Duterte-Carpio, to run for the highest post in the land in next year’s national and local elections.
Mondiguing, is now again lead convenor of the SARA DUTERTE CARPIO CORDILLERA SUPPORTERS that staged the Run, Sarah, Run – Go (RSR-Go) movement in the region.
He explained that they are hoping for a continuity of President Rodrigo Duterte’s programs specially the following: A. the Build Build Build Program to (1) Improve land, air and sea mobility, (2) Bring economic activities to the countryside to facilitate balanced development, (3) The completion of all infrastructure projects to achieve faster economic growth and improve our global competitiveness. B. The fight against corruption that has become endemic but can be won with continued strong and decisive leadership. C. Continue to make our government strong and stable to defeat the enemies of our country by (1) Addressing the root cause of the insurgency and (2) Bringing the government closer to our people.
These programs have contributed greatly to the country’s development and continues to benefit the Filipino people especially those in the lower rungs of society.
Unfortunately, Mondiguing lamented, the Philippine Constitution’s provision limiting a President to a single six-year term without re-election is extremely short and definitely not enough for selfless, incorruptible and effective leaders like President Duterte.
“Although the term may be too long for selfish, corrupt and ineffective leaders, it is far too brief for visionaries and committed public servants like our current President,” he stressed.
Mondiguing said that if the electorate will choose to put Mayor Sarah as our country’s next leader in the coming elections, the continuity of President Duterte’s track-record of strong leadership, good governance, transparency, and efficient delivery of public service, is assured.
He pointed out that one of the tragedies of the Philippines is that the good programs or projects of a previous president is often set aside especially if the current leader happens to be of the vindictive kind and is in opposition of their predecessor
“Since the fruit does not fall far from its tree, then we believe that with Mayor Sarah as our next President, she will not set aside her father’s programs but would even strengthen these for the benefit of the Filipino people,” Mondiguing said.