A desire to make the lives of their clients better has fueled the advocacy of prosperity by Tess, Ciarra and AA Trinidad. Tess, the family matriarch and founder of a crystal store, is one of the first internationally recognized law of attraction facilitators in the country and a certified Angel Intuitive. Tess started her advocacy for crystals in 2008 which paved the way for the birth of LightCatcher Crystals, a store at the heart of the Baguio Public Market, a project that has stood the
test of time and won the credibility of crystal enthusiasts.

“We continue to grow and change the lives of our clients,” Tess says as she explains the early years of the crystal outlet were slow but sure signs that the community was ready for her products. When the store first opened in a mall outlet in the city, the entire day yielded no sales, but not to be disheartened, Tess continued to open the outlet until the end of the day and was rewarded with
a wholesale order, affirming her decision to go into the business. There was no turning back from then on. Tess uses crystal feng shui, a practice which combines the ancient practice and the power of crystals, warmly received by a loyal clientele.

Tess adheres to her three basic rules in crystals; 1) They have to be awake [the crystals], 2] They have to come from a good source and 3] You have to trust the person you are buying from. These rules are the basis of one’s journey with the Trinidad family. AA, is only one of two certified feng shui masters in the country certified by the International Feng Shui Association, is also a destiny
consultant. He completed his Flying Stars training in Japan and his Four Pillars of Destiny in Singapore.

As a teener, AA was the reluctant crystal believer and hesitated in wearing bracelets
on the onset, but as he was tasked to look after their store, was in awe at the number of clients who believed in the power of the combined crystal bracelets and was won over eventually becoming a part of the family trio. “Whether you believe in it or not, you will be affected by Feng Shui,” the 30-year-old relates. AA is a regular at the annual Chinese New Year celebration and gives the year’s
forecasts and updates, this year, he was confronted with a question which challenged their 2020 forecast asking if they knew COVID 19 was going to happen, why was there no warning issued.

AA, not to be disheartened, quickly went back to his 2020 forecast and showed, the forecast revealed that it was to be a rough year with medical problems in the respiratory system, fortifying
the accuracy of their forecasts. “We were the only ones who said that that year was going to be rough,” he said that he is used to the situations challenging their credibility and is always game
to explain and enlighten. Ciarra, is clairvoyant and psychic and uses her innate gifts to help their family’s clients. She is a law of attraction facilitator and a certified Angel Intuitive.

“God gives you clues to make your life better,” and believes that feng shui is an avenue to achieve this, relating many success stories of their clients. Ciarra has stood by her mom, Tess and her brother AA, in the advocacy that they have built, combining their innate gifts and enhancing it with continuous skills derived from their constant meditation and attunement. With AA and Ciarra at
the helm of LightCatcher Crystals, guided by their mother, the new generation of crystal Feng Shui leaders will continue to advocate the better way of living.

Maria Elena Catajan



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