The Aliwes Irrigators Association, Inc. in Bontoc, Mountain Province can now proceed with the procurement process for their start-up enterprise subproject on coffee consolidation, processing and marketing, after receiving a green light from the Department of Agriculture-Philippine Rural
Development Project (DAPRDP). Through the DA-PRDP Regional Project Coordination Office – CAR (RPCO-CAR), the first No Objection Letter (NOL 1) was formally issued on December 29, 2022 allowing the Aliwes Irrigators Association, the Proponent Group (PG) of the enterprise subproject, to proceed with the procurement process.

The PG’s start-up enterprise involves the establishment of a coffee processing center, working
capital, a hauling vehicle, and coffee processing machineries and supplies. Through their enterprise, the Aliwes Irrigators Association will engage in the consolidation, trading, and marketing of quality arabica coffee green beans following the Philippine National Standards (PNS).

At the farmer level, it aims to increase the average net income of individual coffee farmer beneficiary with an average of at least 50.80% annual increase within its 10 years of operation.
The PG shelled out a total of PhP2.25 million (cash and in kind) counterpart of the total PhP11.12 million total project cost.

The PG will undertake Community Participation – Community Force Account (CFA) as the mode of
procurement wherein they will handle the purchasing of raw materials, equipment, and other goods as specified in their business plan except for the civil works. “The BAC of the DA-CAR will be handling the bidding process for the construction of the PG’s coffee processing center,” said RPCO-CAR Procurement Officer Engr. Roiston Z. Carame. The RPCO-CAR will be conducting a procurement orientation this January to capacitate and prepare the PG with the procurement process. Elvy T. Estacio



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